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Joy, who's she?

Born Grantham 10 June 1935.

Father Lawrence Towns
Mother Jeannie Stewart Howie
Step-father Clarence Frederick Maw
Brother Russell Towns
Step sisters Janet Maw, Anne Spring, Sue Wilson
Step brother Nicky Maw.
Half sister Selma Dredge
Half brothers Jules Cochrane, Ashley Towns

Lived in Grantham, Wimbledon, Khartoum, Dundee, Grantham, Nottingham.
Teacher training (primary) at Kesteven Training College.
See a few early photos including Joy here. .

Met Eric in September 1956 at Nottingham University Folk Dance Society.
Married 30 July 1960 to Eric. .
Son Angus born May 1962.
Son Rory born January 1964.
Son Hamish born July 1965.

Primary school teacher till 1985.
Studied Kathak Classical Indian Dance at Leicester under Nilima Devi then at Vadodora/Baroda in India under Janaki ben Damle. Later at the Kadamb Centre For Dance and Music at Ahmedabad under Kumudini Lakhia.
Returned to the UK 1986 as a peripatetic teacher of things Indian and multi-cultural.
Nowadays she spends a lot of time looking after Eric.
Some of her family tree is here.

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