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Eric, who's he?

Born 12th March 1937 in Torquay

Father Raymon Howard Foxley. (Northamptonshire heritage)
Mother Amy Marion Harvey (Plymouth heritage)
Brothers Arthur , Owen .

Lived in Lincoln, Toft, Northorpe, Twickenham 2 addresses, Nottingham.
Engaged 1959 to Joy.
Married 30 July 1960 to Joy .
Lived in Nottingham at 3 addresses since student days.
Took A-levels and S-levels 1955 in Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry.
Worked at Paint Research Station, Teddington, January - July 1956, properties of films of paint.
Worked at Ericssons Telepnones, Beeston, July - September 1959, telephone exchange technology apprenticeship.
Nottingham University mathematics BSc (logic specialism) 1956-59, joint mathematics and electronics PhD 1959-62, assistant tutor, assistant lecturer, lecturer, director of computing 1967-73, lecturer, part-time lecturer 1998-2003.

At the PhD viva in 1962 the external examiner asked a difficult question "What would your computer do if ...?". The chairman said "If I were you I'd hace a nervous breakdown. What's the next question?"
Since 1973, much work in international development abroad, see here .while Joy looked after the family and house.

Lots more of Eric's detailed history like an Eric timeline here .
Started pottery in 1973 with Geoff Bocking, and set up my own pottery here in 1985 .
Some of Eric's history written when I retired in 2000 is here .
Some early photos of Eric here .
Eric's more formal CV here .
And I used to keep records of all my exercise, but not so much in my present state .

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