"Local Life"
A ceramic artwork for Old Lenton Priory Park Sculpture Garden
created by Eric Foxley

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Local Life

The original request was for a ceramic artwork with connections to the local communities of Dunkirk and Lenton. The final design consisted of two panels each of 48 tiles, each tile inspired by some aspect of local nature and industry.

The tiles are individually made by impressing a real object into a freshly rolled porcelain tile before cutting to size, drying and first (bisque) firing. The impressed objects are either natural, or represent a local industry or community interest. The natural objects are leaves and fruit collected during pleasant walks in Priory Park, Highfields Park, Wollaton Park, University Park and Clumber Park as well as from our own garden. The hard objects include pills (representing QMC or Boots), rope (representing W. Coates & Sons), various cycle parts (representing Raleigh), arrow heads (representing Robin Hood) and tennis raquet strings (representing the Tennis Centre). After the bisque firing the tiles are then glazed by hand in a variety of colours and fired again.

I wish to express my thanks to all those who have helped in so many ways. Thanks to the many collectors of objects and helpers in glazing, and to Sophie Robins for the final fixing. The porcelain comes from Valentine Clays of Stoke-on-Trent, and is bisque fired in a Potterycrafts Heatworker kiln to 1000° and then second fired to 1250°.

Eric Foxley has lived in Dunkirk for 50 years, He and his wife Joy have lived a life of music, dance and art both before and after retirement from formal employment.

The artwork was unveiled on 22nd October 2016 by the Sheriff of Nottingham (see photos below) at the Dunkirk and Lenton Martinmas Fair, which is held annually at Priory Park & Priory Church of St Anthony, Old Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2NW.

All my tiles (including many not in the artwork) can be seen individually here. Eric's other ceramics can be seen here and painted ceramics here and green man plates here.

Landscape panel
Lenton Lane

111cm (8 tiles) wide by
83cm (6 tiles) high

The unveiling
Cllr David Trimble
Robin Hood
Sheriff Jackie Morris

The context
facing Lenton Lane

Maple Hazel
with nuts
Horse chestnut Geranium Rosemary Ash
with seeds
Oak Obsidian arrow heads
[Robin Hood]
Horse chestnut Ivy Foresters Morris Men [Badge of Nottingham's traditional dance team] Fennel Beech
with nuts
Lace Green's formula
[University Mathematics Department]
Oats Green man
[English folk tradition]
Sycamore Rope
[W. Coates & Sons]
Tulip tree Teazel Pine Rye ears
[Beeston Rylands]
Lace Yew Lace Sage
in flower
Rope imprint
[W. Coates & Sons]
Priory Park Bike sprocket
Oak Bike chain
Lace Horse chestnut Knot
[W. Coates & Sons]
leaf and nut
Tennis raquet
[Tennis centre]
Rye ears Pills and inhaler
[Boots or QMC]
Ivy Mare's tail Larch Horse chestnut Fig Music [Eric and Freds Folks]

portrail artwork

Portrait panel
Abbey Street

83 (6 tiles) wide
by 111cm (8 tiles) high

The context
facing Abbey Street

The unveiling
Cllr David Trimble
Robin Hood
Sheriff Jackie Morris
MP Lilian Greenwood

Ivy Lace Pine Fatsia Alder Ivy
Rosemary Rowan ash
with berries
[W. Coates & Sons]
Oak (Spanish) Bike chains
with nuts
Wheat ears Tulip tree Priory Park Oak Lime Horse chestnut
Fig Bracken Oak Rope
[W. Coates & Sons]
Lace Rye ears
[Beeston Rylands]
Holly Raleigh insignia Lavender Tennis Sage Teasel
Apple Bike sprocket Pills
[QMC or Boots]
Horse chestnut Rye ears Lace
Thyme Buttons Witch hazel
with nuts
Green man
[English folk tradition]
Obsidian arrow heads
[Robin Hood]
Lace Hops Olive Mare's tail Wisteria Music
[Eric and Freds Folks]

Making tiles

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Joy and Eric are also involved with
Foresters Morris Men
Greenwood Step Clog Dancers
Freds Folks Ceilidh Band
King Billy Sessions
Magic lantern shows
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